Saturday, May 30, 2009


This past week has been a lot of fun (notice i didn't start my blog with so). I'm not really in hibernation anymore. The winter has passed and the warm weather has taken place. I still miss greg like crazy, but i have learned to play fake happy :D I'm getting real good a it. Sometimes when im out with the girls the fake happy seems real. The pictures are so cute. I love fake happy!! Everyone is plastic inside.

I get bored often during the day, so i take
pictures of myself doing random things.

I like this one too. sometimes I'm conceited.
I'm thinking you kinda have to be
to survive in this cruel world.

I looooooove to text. texttexttext.

this is by far the cutest picture
i have ever been in.
no doubt.

applebees karaoke
"i kissed a girl"


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